1. Survey, Inventory, Documentation & Monitoring of Biodiversity
  2. Develop and provide database on biodiversity
  3. Decentralized Biodiversity management through BMC
  4. Support In situ and ex situ conservation
  5. Promote Sustainable use and equitable sharing of benefits
  6. Support research, schemes, community and individual efforts for Biodiversity conservation
  7. Support Communication, Education and Public Awareness on Biodiversity
  8. Provide support for workshops/seminars on Biodiversity conservation



Biodiversity Management Committee



Documents required


Service Standards

Financial Assistance to BMC

Application form in prescribed Format


UC & Audited Statement

The applications from BMC president/Secretary are processed by reviewing committee as per guidelines.

Issue of sanction order

Release of funds

Applications called for during April


Sanction letter issued during May


Proposal for BHS

Proposal in prescribed Format

The applicationsfrom BMC president/Secretary are processed as per guidelines



Throughout the year


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BD Conservation

BD Education