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A state of art Biodiversity museum was set up at Vallakadavu by Kerala State Biodiversity Board with galleries which gives an overview  of  the  ecosystem  and Biodiversity of India with special focus on Kerala. The Museum housed at Vallakadavu Boat House a heritage building  is aimed at providing awareness about biodiversity, species and ecosystem diversity, biodiversity conservation activities in Kerala, in India and at Global level and sustainable utilization of biodiversity. The major attraction is the Biodiversity Gallery – a gallery with a variety of bio diversity of both India and Kerala. The galleries throw light on pre-historic animals as Dinosaurs, ecologically important species, Threatened species etc. Exhibits, dioramas, scaled down models, interactive kiosks, LCD displays are some of the major attractions. 1st  floor is dedicated to biodiversity of India and Kerala and has Interactive Panels and Backlit panels in addition to videos of the panorama of species diversity. Ground floor exhibits focus on Conservation and sustainable utilization of Biodiversity, Agro biodiversity etc and has Interactive Panels and Backlit panels and also videos. The major threats to biodiversity and conservation initiatives at global level, and national level and the conserved areas of India are highlighted.

A 3D theatre with a seating capacity of 50 seats is also established. Science on Sphere (SOS) is another attraction of the park. In South India SOS is available only at Viswesharaya Museum, Bangaluru. SOS is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. SOS is global system with real time data which can be used as an educational tool to create awareness about biodiversity and threats to biodiversity especially climate change.

The adjacent water body connected with Parvathi puthanar was developed into a visually pleasing arena with a viewing dock and seating arrangements. The area houses fountains, vertical garden and aquarium.  The park will act as the single location to provide a holistic knowledge on biodiversity and therefore intends to impart exposure to stakeholders of different type of biodiversity and its uses.

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